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Meet Je'ron

Je'Ron Hamm is a former NFL tight end turned entrepreneur who made his mark in the trucking industry. During Je'Rons time in the National Football League he was interested in the trucking industry, but like many of you, had no idea where to start.

After countless months of research, he successfully launched his trucking company, Pro-Haul Logistics, and quickly realized that there was so much scattered information out there that made his process harder than it had to be. He decided that he wanted to help other people avoid the same headaches and hurdles he had to go through with getting a trucking company formed and compliant.


Je'Ron makes sure all of his clients understand not only the trucking side but more importantly the business side of this industry before jumping in. Making this information accessible and cost-effective for everyone is a focus with this platform. There are a lot of people charging thousands and giving basic information because they know most people don't know any better. Thats not what we do here.


Je'Ron doesn't want to just be another trucking "guru" or marketeer. He has designed the Pro-Haul TV products and services to be easily understood and affordalble for every income level. 

"Our goal is to leave no stone unturned and to make sure people feel like they got more than what they paid for when doing business with Pro-Haul TV. I look forward to working with and personally connecting with each and every member of the Pro-Haul TV family."

       -Je'Ron Hamm


“Je'Ron has so much passion and compassion in all he does. He is willing to go the extra mile to help everyone around him! Not only does he give informative advice but he also supports and uplifts you in the process. Thanks J for being a real one.”

B&T lOgistics

(Grand Prairie, TX)

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