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Transportation & Logistics
Media Brand

"Making connections & Sharing The Game Along The way"



Meet The Founder

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WHAT'S UP PEOPLE! My name is JeRon Hamm, aka Pro-Haul. A quick intro about me: I'm a military brat born in Germany, but mostly grew up in Leesville, Louisiana, by way of Fort Polk Military Base. I attended the University of Louisiana-Monroe (ULM) where I played football and obtained my degree in psychology with a focus on business. After leaving ULM, I got the opportunity to spend five years in the NFL as a Tight End for teams such as the Washington Commanders, San Francisco 49ers, and the Indianapolis Colts. Football eventually came to an end, which led me down the path of entrepreneurship. My first business was a personal training operation that I ran out of my garage. It was probably one of the best garage gym setups you could imagine, but unfortunately, the HOA shut me down. During that transition, I learned about trucking and was hooked. I started my trucking company in 2018, got my CDL, and started pulling loads all over the country by Q1 2019. The growth happened quickly, and before I knew it, I was off the road, and we were at 20 trucks. I honestly loved the grind of building that company and will always attribute a good part of my business acumen to the trucking industry. To document that experience, I started a YouTube Channel titled "Pro-Haul TV." Yep, this whole brand started from a YouTube Channel. The channel started growing rapidly and got to a point where people started to ask for business advice within the transportation space. I took that as a sign to expand my knowledge and network, which brings us to today. So, all that might leave you wondering what exactly is Pro-Haul TV. Well, the answer is simple: Pro-Haul TV is a transportation and logistics media brand that makes it a point to provide our community with insightful content to promote growth in all areas of business and personal development. Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to you becoming a part of the Pro-Haul TV Community.


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“Je'Ron has so much passion and compassion in all he does. He is willing to go the extra mile to help everyone around him! Not only does he give informative advice but he also supports and uplifts you in the process. Thanks J for being a real one.”

B&T lOgistics

(Grand Prairie, TX)

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