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Trucking Company Startup Guide E-book

Interested in knowing what type of opportunities the transportation industry might provide for you? Whether you are an investor or entrepreneur looking to expand your portfolio by investing into the trucking industry, or you are a company driver that is ready to own your whole operation. This e-book will give you the steps to get your trucking company formed, compliant and making money in a few simple steps.

Right now for only $29 you can have a complete trucking company formation gameplan in your hands. This E-book gives you the exact steps myself and hundreds of our clients have used to get their trucking company formed and compliant. Take the headache out of having to do all that research and get everything you need to know at your fingertips.

Entrepreneurship & Trucking

When you first here trucking, you probably think about seeing those big 18 wheelers, hotshot trucks, or even dump and box trucks. My question to you is have you ever thought about owning one or more of those setups as a business venture? 

Is The Trucking Industry For You?

No Knowledge?

When you have limited or no knowledge about the trucking industry, the belief of owning trucks or a trucking compnay can seem far fetched, but it's not. You dont have to have big contracts or have multiple trucks to start. You simply buy or lease your first setup, drive or hire a driver, search the load boards for loads and get to work. 

Why Trucking?

If you're like myself, when it comes to any investment, return on investment (ROI), is one of the first concerns. Throughout my experience, trucking has givin the fastest returns in comparison to the markets and rental property. While all very good investment avenues, trucking provides a stable and steady return quicker.

How Can We Help You?

Owning our own trucking company

(Pro-Haul Logistics LLC) and being very knowledgeable in all things trucking. Pro-Haul TV was created to provide information, mentoring, and training resources for people looking to gather more information or get started on their journey in the trucking industry.  Want to get started? Lets Connect!

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