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About Pro-haul tv

Pro-Haul TV is a trucking education and consulting company that actively studies and analyzes industry trends, news, and regulations. Our goal is to make sure that we provide the most accurate information to our clients. We pride ourselves on being thorough, detailed, and accessible to the people who trust our guidance and expertise.


We started as a YouTube channel that simply documented what it was like for our CEO, Je'Ron Hamm, to enter the trucking business as a newbie by way of hotshot trucking and later into the semi trucking arena. The information provided in our YouTube videos quickly caught traction and now allows us to share information with our nearly 10,000 subscribers.


We quickly realized that there are a lot of people who are interested in trucking but have no idea where to start, which led us to create our first e-book "Trucking Company Start-Up Guide." Within six months that e-book sold more than 600 copies and led to us getting into the mentorship and consulting world where we have actively assisted more than 50 companies with successfully launching.


During our time in 1 on 1 consulting and mentorships, we found that a lot of trucking mentorships and courses would want you to lock in the payment before sharing any information about the service or charge a ton of money to get you in but leave valuable information out that could make or break your company. Yes, trucking is a great business, but if you don't have every detail covered then it puts you at a huge disadvantage.


For those reasons we decided to provide a bunch of free info on our social media outlets to help you make an educated decision before investing in any of our products. Our books are great for a step by step guide and our 1 on 1 mentorship is golden. Not only will you get every piece of information you will need to know explained to you in detail, but you will also have direct access to our CEO, Je'Ron Hamm, to get direct questions answered a clear up any areas that you might be unclear on.

To us, it's about truly helping people win in this industry. There are enough programs that charge you top dollar but leave you without making sure you have every detail covered. The difference with Pro-Haul TV is we operate with integrity and a sincere motive. Once you become a part of the Pro-Haul TV family, you have us in your corner for as long as you need.


Your success is our success!

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